my first bookshelf design
a tilting, zig-zagging,
continuous line
mounted directly to the wall
books lean into right angle corners

infinite variations possible
taller, wider,
narrower, smaller
climbing up, down, and
across the wall

finished hardwood
or painted softwood

price variable depending
on size and materials
something similar to this
would be around $800

designed originally for a house
entrance, for hats, shoes, gloves,
backpacks, etc.
also would hold books.

this piece is made of pine with a
urethane-based finish.

a similar one would cost around $800

smaller, tighter version of
the zig zag theme,

will fit all the Harry Potter books
for example

different colors or natural wood finishes
also available

cost around $400

a free-standing version
of the zig zag motif

first one built as a donation
to the Kellogg Hubbard Library

cost $800

think cell division
or hive construction

small display/utility shelf
this one was designed
for bathroom use

painted or unpainted birch
32 inches tall by 20 wide
cost around $400

think of a larger one
holding books, sculptures,
expanding across the wall

actually built for e
from birch veneer with oak nosing
zig zag theme in a desk

a similar piece would cost $900

also for r
built in 2009
price around $400